My name is Camila Gargantini and I am the Project Manager for The Birthday Book Project. The idea for this project was born during the summer of 2014 and since then I have been working relentlessly to get it off the ground. I’ve reached out to a number of photographers across Canada, I’ve bugged friends, family and acquaintances asking for help and feedback. In the end I found 11 photographers that were crazy enough to want to join me, and I’ve received a lot of encouragement from many of the people around me. I am happy and humbled that I have a group of fun and passionate people that are willing to embark on this journey and have committed their time to create something together.

I cannot say how excited I am about this. After many days of shear frustration and questioning myself if I was going be able to pull this off, here we are. And although the project has just been officially launched 26 days ago, the response we’ve had so far has been nothing short of extraordinary. As of today we have 169 subjects lined up! Only 197 to go. 😀

Before going much further, I wanted to thank each one of the collaborators for their trust and their commitment to me and my crazy idea. I couldn’t do this without you and I have no words to express my gratitude. I look forward to what 2015 has to bring and I hope that by taking the leap and committing to this project, we can help bring our craft and our passion for capturing life through the lens to the spot light.

This post marks the launch of our blog. Here we will be sharing the images and stories that we will be capturing throughout the year. So far we have spent most of January co-ordinating and organizing all the people that already asked to be photographed for the project. Now that we have so many participants lined up we should have images to share with you fairly soon. Also, we will be featuring each of the collaborators here so you can get to know a little bit more about them.

Thank you for taking the time to read and for supporting our project.

To an awesome 2015!

Camila Gargantini