Meet The Team

Camila Gargantini - Project Founder and Manager
Camila Gargantini - Project Founder and ManagerMississauga, ON - Canada
As the founder, photographer and Project Manager of The Birthday Book Project, Camila Gargantini was known to always be the one to have a camera at parties and events at a young age.

Born and raised in Brazil, Camila moved to Canada in 2003 and attended York University to obtain her Fine Arts Degree. Upon graduation she won various awards with the Faculty of Fine Arts at York University for her photography.

Since 2006, she has worked as a freelance photographer, and has managed and led photography and visual arts education programs for the City of Mississauga, Henry’s School of Imaging, Vistek, and Canon Canada. Camila has also worked throughout Canada, the U.S. and Peru sharing her passion.

Camila believes that photography is a way to document the memories of a given moment in time, and is fascinated with the idea that memories in reality are fabrications shared by individuals, and influenced by each person’s experiences of that moment.

She is a passionate photographer and understands that a photograph allows us to give context to a memory we have stored in our minds as well as help to enforce a particular feeling, emotion and mood.

Cyndal Lorch - Photographer and Project Assistant
Cyndal Lorch - Photographer and Project AssistantToronto, ON - Canada
With a passion for art, design, culture and meeting new people, pursuing a career in a hands-on environment was a natural choice for Cyndal Lorch. Cyndal pursued an education in digital photography and imaging at Georgian College, where she learned the necessary skills to successfully own and operate a photography business.

Upon completion of her schooling, Cyndal was immediately hired as a full-time photographer for a company that specializes in manufacturing life size golf simulators. With a rigorous work schedule and tight deadlines, she learned to adapt quickly to an ever-changing work environment, while still delivering a quality product. From there Cyndal was given the opportunity to fulfill various roles within different companies, including studio manager, photographer, designer, assistant, branding and sales.

Through these experiences she has expanded and developed working knowledge in all areas of the business in order to keep up-to-date with industry trends and standards. Her expertise is in numerous forms of photography including landscape, portrait, archival, editorial and product.

Aaron McCullough - Photographer
Aaron McCullough - PhotographerCalgary, AB - Canada
Born in Montreal, Aaron McCullough had always admired the visual feast of the Fall leaves in Quebec. At the age of 10, his parents (born and raised in Dublin, Ireland) moved out west, and today he resides in Calgary.

Ever since he picked up a camera in high school, he has had his hands full in addition to playing the guitar. During his university years he painted houses in the summer and in 1996, Aaron graduated from the University of Calgary with a Commerce degree majoring in Finance. Painting led McCullough into the film business, where he continues to work in the industry. He is a Scenic Artist (or Paint Coordinator as some like to call it) running the paint department in film and TV.

When not on a film, he makes his living as a photographer shooting weddings, fashion, glamour, and commercial work. Most recently, Aaron opened up a studio in downtown Calgary.

April Cormier - Photographer
April Cormier - PhotographerEdmonton, AB - Canada
Born and raised on the east coast of Canada in a small village called Memramcook, April Cormier’s interest in photography started at the very young age of 13. Her interest in fashion photography grew throughout the years and in 2006 she moved to Edmonton, Alberta, to begin her business as a wedding and portrait photographer.

As a newcomer in the city April’s business didn’t grow as fast as she hoped and she decided to sell all of her photographic equipment. Two years later April realized that photography was the only thing she was truly passionate about and went out to purchase a DSLR and started shooting fashion like she had always dreamed of. For the last 4 years, April has been published internationally, and has made many friends through her work and travels. Inspired by vintage styles, textures, and colourful patterns, April photographs with a purpose to inspire others.

Craig MacPhee - Photographer
Craig MacPhee - PhotographerCalgary, AB - Canada
In 2005, Craig MacPhee moved from a little place outside of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, to Calgary, Alberta, in search of work. Without his drumkit, Craig was left with an artistic itch, which turned into a love for photography.

In 2010, a fellow photographer strongly suggested Craig purchase a DSLR after seeing his images captured with a point and shoot camera while on vacation. Although Craig’s journey has been a short yet rewarding one, he is constantly inspired by seeing his life with a creative lens. He loves all aspects of photography and is constantly learning and growing with the hopes to someday be a full-time photographer, teaching others what he’s learned, and traveling the world.

Emily Dozois - Photographer
Emily Dozois - PhotographerOttawa, ON - Canada
Emily Dozois is a nineteen year old photographer mostly known for her conceptual self-portraits that are heavily inspired by her struggles with a severe lung disease.

At the age of fifteen, Emily discovered photography and the artistic freedoms it gave her to express the troubles that she faces on a daily basis in a healthy way. Since then, Emily has not stopped creating with the hopes that her images can inspire others to do the same.

Gautam Narang - Videographer
Gautam Narang - VideographerToronto, ON - Canada
Gautam Narang was born in London, United Kingdom, and creates films and photos. With a subtle minimalistic approach, Gautam’s work can be seen as self-portraits, sometimes they appear idiosyncratic and quirky, at other times, they seem typical by-products of American superabundance and marketing.

Gautam takes daily life as subject matter and creates compositions that generate tranquil poetic images while commenting on the everyday aesthetic of middle class values. His experience includes working with brands such as Capital One, Procter and Gamble, Samuel Adams, as well as The Vandenberg
House, and Terrior Symposium.

Jeannette Breward - Photographer
Jeannette Breward - PhotographerPort Hope, ON - Canada
As a photographer, Jeannette Breward creates work that conveys a narrative and evokes emotion. She often enjoys creating pieces that have a surreal quality to them, using photography as a way to
unleash her imagination, and that of the viewer.

Jeanette strives to create new, dreamlike worlds through the lens of the camera. Her images are almost never without a human subject, as she loves capturing the true beauty of an individual in a photograph. Creative portraiture is most certainly her passion! Jeanette continues to use her love of photography to see more, do more, meet new people, and of course – tell more stories.

Joel Robison - Photographer
Joel Robison - PhotographerCranbrook, BC - Canada
Joel Robison is a 30-year-old conceptual portrait and self-portrait photographer originally from Cranbrook, British Columbia. Robison has always expressed himself through visuals. Six years ago
he stumbled across photography purely by chance, and realized he had finally found a way to really connect himself to the world.

Over the last five years Joel completed several ‘365 photo-a-day’ projects and has turned his hobby into a career. Hired by Coca-Cola and FIFA in 2014, Joel traveled the world as the lead photographer
for the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour with one of Coca-Cola’s largest marketing campaigns. He has been fortunate to work with an incredible list of clients, publishers and agencies from around the world and continues to look for opportunities that allow his work to tell stories and connect with people. Currently Joel is taking a year to live abroad in the UK, exploring the country and seeking new inspirations for work.

Julienne Diva - PR Support
Julienne Diva - PR SupportToronto, ON - Canada
Born and raised in Toronto, Julienne is a dedicated and passionate designer who excels in bringing leadership, empowerment and possibility into her life and work. With a degree in design from the York
University/Sheridan Institute Honours Bachelor of Design Program, Julienne has extensive experience in typography, branding and visual communications including event planning and public relations.

Over the past 5 years she has designed for brands such as Target Canada, Coty Inc., Stella Artois, BMW, Disney, Microsoft Canada, Campbell’s and Subway Canada. During this time she also planned and executed fashion/lifestyle media launch events for brands such as UGG Australia, Dr. Martens, and 7 For All Mankind. Julienne is multi-talented and well rounded as a result of her experience public relations, event planning and design.

Kaja Tirrul - Photographer
Kaja Tirrul - PhotographerOttawa, ON - Canada
Kaja Tirrul grew up in a small town south of Ottawa where, for her 10th birthday, she received a Kodak 110 camera as a gift. In 2008, Kaja graduated from Ryerson University with a BFA in Photography and decided to wander and work around the world before returning home to Canada.

Her photography work focuses on the theme of female identity and childhood as she finds herself constantly looking for answers of what it really means to be a woman through photography. Kaja is currently a freelance photographer working between Ottawa and Toronto specializing in both fashion and portraiture.

Lori Maloney - Photographer
Lori Maloney - PhotographerCalgary, AB - Canada
As a portrait photographer, Lori Maloney specializes in providing empowering portrait sessions to women. Through Bella Faccia Photography Lori encourages women to celebrate their inherent
beauty, whether they are dressed in a ball gown, jeans and tee, or nothin’ at all!

In March 2013 Lori launched Bella Forza Portraits, which provides compassionate portrait services to women facing serious illness. It is her goal, desire, and mandate to provide an experience wherein
her clients are pampered, supported, and provided a brief respite from their fight. It is Lori’s wish that the experience and the resulting images buoy her clients by recognizing and reaffirming their strength, beauty, and grace.

Lori is also a proud member of The IRIS Photographic Society of Alberta, a non-profit organization which seeks to build bridges between communities, populations, and cultures using photography as their platform.

Lindsay Lauckner Gundlock - Photographer
Lindsay Lauckner Gundlock - PhotographerToronto, ON - Canada
Lindsay Lauckner is a photographic artist originally based out of Toronto, Canada and currently living in Mexico City.

After attending BealArt in London, ON, she earned a BFA in Visual Arts from York University in 2008. She was a recipient of both an Ontario Arts Council Grant and a Toronto Arts Council Grant in 2012. Lindsay has exhibited her work at several venues in Toronto and surrounding area.

She was chosen to be included in O’Born Contemporary Emerging Artist exhibition in 2013 as well as the Emerging Artist show at Gallery 1313 for 2 consecutive years. In 2014 she had a solo show of her series ‘Dismantled’ at the Toronto Image Works. She is interested in themes surrounding the home, the absence, and the quiet moments.

Mélissa Pelchat - Photographer
Mélissa Pelchat - PhotographerMontreal, QC - Canada
Mélissa Pelchat recently graduated from Dawson College’s Professional Photography program where, for three years, her mentors have guided her on a quest for balance between technique and creation.

She is, first and foremost, a dreamer who gets lost in her daydreams so much that she often finds herself in wacky situations. Thankfully, she was given a great sense of humour that allows her to see the comical side of everything and that love of comedy can sometimes be found in her work.

Her relentless imagination, her joie de vivre and her natural complicity with kids have naturally led her to pursue children portraiture. However, no matter who she photographs, her greatest wish is that the true spirit of her subjects, their inner spark, will shine through her portraits.